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POW! October 14, 2012

I wanted to portray my love for Portal (the ingenious video-game) and Sriracha Rooster Sauce (the chilli sauce you should serve with everything), by designing two poster in a descent size for printing.

These posters are heavily inspired by Matthew Inman and his Dear Sriracha Comic. The two posters are meant as a set, so you can always reach your favourite item (the companion cube or the Sriracha Sauce) through the portal. I have them on the wall behind and in front of my bed. The companion cube has been with me all the way since i first bought The Orange Box, Portal is still one of the best games i have ever played. I first tasted Sriracha Rooster Sauce when i was traveling the coast of Vietnam and ate Phõ for the first time, it was DELICIOUS! Mmmm a splash of Sriracha will make almost anything taste delicious.

I thought I would post the original images for you to download here, they are 300 dpi, A2 posters, but you can easily print them in A1 without loosing much detail.

If you want me to post it in another format let me know :)


Download blue Portal here!

Download orange Portal here!



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